Specializing in VINTAGE Ithaca Gun Company Firearms

Manufactured by ITHACA GUN COMPANY from 1880 - 1986

Specializing in VINTAGE Ithaca Gun Company Firearms

Model 66 SuperSingle

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    Model 66 SuperSingle
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  • History
    *This gun was introduced in 12 gauge in 1963, in 20 gauge in 1964, and in .410 caliber in 1966.

    In 1967, a slug gun with rifle sights, called the Buckbuster was introduced.

    The Model 66 was available in other configurations, the Ithaca Supersingle, the Long Tom, the Standard Grade, the Model 66 Standard Youth Grade, and the Model 66 Vent Rib.

    The suggested retail price in 1976 for the Standard Grade was $69.95, and the Standard Youth Grade was $74.95.

    The Buckbuster was cropped from the catalogue in 1975.

    All of the Model 66s were discontinued by 1979.

    *“The Ithaca Gun Company From the Beginning” by Walter Claude Snyder
  • Serial Numbers
    no records were kept of the serial number range for this model.
  • Schematic
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