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An independent repair shop for
vintage “ITHACA GUN Co.” Firearms
Located in Ithaca, New York

Manufactured by ITHACA GUN COMPANY from 1880 - 1986
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Owner & Head Gunsmith of Diamond Gunsmithing

Webmaster & Sales

Customer Satisfaction

Gunsmith Apprentice
(Age 10 & his first Buck had 8 points!)

Repairs, refinishing and service to keep your shotgun in original condition.

Service is provided by Ithaca Gun Co.'s Head Gunsmith with 28 years experience at the original ITHACA GUN CO. factory in ITHACA NY.

While Les worked as Ithaca Gun Company’s Head Gunsmith in the factory at Ithaca, NY, he gained extensive experience in the repair & restoration of original Ithaca Gun Co. Firearms.

Les is ATA (Amateur Trapshooting Association) recommended and factory trained on the repair and restoration of Ithaca Gun's Flues & Knick model Single barrel Trap Guns and on all SKB models imported by Ithaca Gun Co.

This shop is dedicated to quality work and has an extensive network of former Ithaca Gun Co. employees.

March 1, 2023

At this time
are not available.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Parts are still available.

  • Case Color Hardening Of Frames For Double Guns And Single Barrel Trap Guns.
  • Black Oxide Blueing (Hot Blue) And Slow Rust Blue Of Double Guns That Cannot Be Hot Blued.
  • Case Color Hardening Of Frames For Double Guns And Single Barrel Trap Guns.
  • New Stocks & Forends For Old Doubles And Single Barrel Traps.
  • Ask About Restorations Of Other Makes & Models.
  • Drill & Tap For Scope
  • Solder Barrel Lug
  • Choke Alterations
  • Trigger Pull Adjustments
  • Wood Refinishing
  • Stock Checkering & Re-Cut
  • Oem Operational Instructions For Sale To Instantly Download
  • History of Vintage ITHACA GUNS
  • Serial Numbers by Production Dates
  • Schematic
  • Parts Legend
*Not affiliated with the new Ithaca Gun Company of Upper Sandusky Ohio