Model 72 Saddlegun

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  • History
    *Rimfire Rifles In 1975, Ithaca Gun imported a lever-action .22-caliber rifle made in West Germany by Erma-Werke, AG.

    The Model 72 Saddlegun® had a tubular magazine with a 15-round capacity and sold for $79.95 when introduced.

    A Model 72 Deluxe was introduced in 1974 and the Model 72 Magnum in 1975.

    By 1976 the Saddlegun was priced at $144.95, the Deluxe at $199.95 and the Magnum, whose tubular magazine held 11 rounds, at $159.95.

    The 1978 catalogue only lists the Saddlegun and the Magnum.

    The Model 72 does not appear in the 1980 catalogue, having been discontinued the year before.

    *“The Ithaca Gun Company From the Beginning” by Walter Claude Snyder
  • Serial Numbers
    no records were kept of the serial number range for this model.
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