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    Double BarrelShotguns, Over/Under (SKB association) The Ithaca-SKB Grades 500 in Field model and 600 in Trap and Skeet models, initially in 12 Gauge. were introduced in 1966. The Grade 500 was priced at S215.95, the Grade 600 at 5259.95. Both models have single selective triggers and automatic ejectors. Similar to the Grade 200E side-by-side, the frame of the Grade 600 was changed from blue to silver in 1972.
    An Ithaca-SKB Grade 700 was introduced in 1969 in Trap and Skeet configurations; S395.00 would buy either.
    A Skeet Combination (20. 28, and .410 gauges) in Grades 600 and 700 was introduced in 1970. The price for the Grade 600 was S595.00 and the Grade 700 was S795.00. By this time, most grades were also available in 20 gauge with 3-inch chambers. The Grade 600 was also available in a 12-gauge. 3-inch Magnum. The Grade 700 Combination was discontinued in 1972.
    In 1973, the Ithaca-SKB Grade 680 was introduced. The primary feature of this model was an English-style butt stock. Its price was S379.95.
    All of the Grade 700 models were discontinued some time in 1975, because they were not listed in the 1976 catalogue. As with the Ithaca-SKB side-by-sides, the remainder of the line was discontinued by 1978
    *“The Ithaca Gun Company From the Beginning” by Walter Claude Snyder

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